• How to use sara

    The simple, fast and affordable Near Miss and Reporting app

    Step 1

    From the opening screen, you can choose your task – create a new report or edit an existing draft. You can also configure sara and set up an email address where you send the completed reports too.

  • Simple to follow menu

    Track the progress of your report easily

    Step 2

    The comprehensive menu lists all the essential elements of your report. You can easily see where you are up to and track your progress. Get started by choosing the type of report – Near Miss or Accident.

  • Precise location and time

    Precise record keeping for accurate audit and incident investigation

    Step 3

    For accurate record keeping and audit trail purposes, sara allows you to date stamp your report with the time and date of the incident. Plus you can record the precise GPS position.

  • Concise and fast reporting

    Complete a near miss or accident report within 3 minutes

    Step 4

    Simply create a title for your report and then insert a brief description of the near miss or accident using your smartphone’s keyboard. Remember, you can save and return to your report at anytime.

  • Supports multi-media attachments

    Enhance reports with recorded eye-witness accounts, video and photographs

    Step 5

    Include as little or as much detail about the incident as you want. You have the option to insert additional text, voice-record interviews with those involved, and attach photographs or video of the scene.

  • Accurate injury recording

    Record and report evidence of injuries in detail

    Step 6

    Accurately record the location of any injuries by simply selecting the right area on the detailed human body graphic. Remember, you can attach photographs of any injuries too. And when you’ve finished your report, simply press ‘submit’ and it’s immediately sent to your designated email account